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Mercari/ Monotone Haul + JSS Review

OMG it's been 10 days since my last post XD I've been through a lot last week but there's one good thing: I got lots of draft www I just hadn't time to finish them until now, sorry ;w; I've got new lenses, skincare mini sizes, magazines and videogames that I want to review :D I can't wait to post them all www
Anyway today's post is about my last Mercari/ order that I made thanks to JSS service that I want to review!

If you never used it, here's the link:

What can I say about this service? That I love it! The site is really easy to use and the fee is SO.CHEAP. I've used a lot (and I mean A LOT) of shopping services and this is the cheapest, I can swear. Most of shopping services asks you to pay a minimum of 500yen for EACH item you bid, but this service asks not for 500, but 300 yen as minimum, and not for each item but for THE WHOLE ORDER!! (it is even cheaper if you use auto-bid)
The best for you is to order a bunch of items all together and enjoy your cheapest order ever XD
The storage fee is just 25yen for day/item, starting after 30days of hold (I usually pay 100 LMAO) and packing is free up to 3 ORDERS (not items!!) then it's just 500yen for each order more :D
Also the service is really fast! I ordered on morning, around lunch time, and in the same evening they did it :D so the chances of losing your favorite item are really low. The communication is clear and fast too, they speak a really good english and reply as soon as they can (within 12 hours in my case). 
Here you can see how easy is to order:
Once you sign in/log in, click on the order button, then on Auction (manual) 

Now you just need to check how many items you want to buy (if more then 1, wait for the page to update so the form can multiply) and fill the form with links, prices etc.

Easy, don't you think? :D

Also they have good shipping prices, maybe thanks to the low packing fee but also the shipping was cheaper than the usual XD I'm not an EMS expert, but I think 6000yen for 4kg shipped with EMS it's a fair price :)
The only con of this service is that, since it's so cheap, they don't offer a "accurate check" service like Buyee or Japonica, they don't check carefully the order when it arrives, they just check if everything is arrived and then proceed to pack them. In fact I got every item inside its original envelope LMAO which I really adore cuz I LOVE japanese stamps and stickers (my collector soul is burning ahahahah)

In the end my vote is ♥♥♥♥♥/5 cuz in value for money this shopping service is the best for me!!

Now let's see what I got!

1. Magazines!
MY SOUL IS BURNING pt.2 you can't imagine how much inspo is in those issues!! Really, if you can, try to get them!! Those are May and June 2009, and we all agree that it was the best year XD
The only problem... is that May issue came like this :
Why? Why? Why tear a page apart??? It can be just an accident, but the seller should've stated that T____T all my magazines are in pristine conditions, and now this just ruins my whole collection... It makes me so sad also because it will be a problem to make scans with a page like this... SO SAD  
But I'm still lucky cuz I got them and they're already my favorite issues after Oct'12 and August'10... So I shouldn't really complain ^^"" I just wish I knew...
This also confirms that JSS doesn't check carefully what arrives, but I can't really blame it for that, cuz they should've, like, flip through the magazine to find out ^^" so this doesn't really change my opinion on the service!
2. Girl's Life DVD
My fangirling is over 9000 (cit) right now!!! This movie was my bible was I was a teen and also the reason I dress agejo XDDD
This movie is... I just... can't XDDDD I'm sorry but everytime I see it I return a teenager and I can't control myself XD
Ok, let's try to review it XD
What can I say? It's the original Girl's Life DVD! The movie we all know and love (If you don't know it, here's IMDb page)
(And if you never saw it, here's movie with subtitles )
The DVD contains the movie, a BTS video and the trailer, but no subtitles at all, so keep this in mind if you decide to buy it ^^
I'll leave here the trailer for my fangirling and your delight XD
3. CandyDoll Makeup Pack
I was lucky again and found somebody who was selling this makeup lot for cheap!! Actually everything was packed except the eyeshadow, but since I was helped unpacking my whole order, my friend unboxed the blushes before I could tell him to not do it LMAO
Anyway... they're cute but as Tsuki pointed out those are probably expired... I still don't know what to do, I have to admit that I bought the lot on impulse cuz TSUCHAN but on packages I can't find the expire date so I don't knowwww
Also the lippies are so cute in their packaging, that's also why I don't want to open them www

4. Swimmer Hairbows
Cute and mokomoko, so cheap! I really recommend Swimmer for cute and cheap accessories, they're always sold for a few yen! The pink one is my favorite cuz it's an hairclip but also a brooch ^^

5. Lip Service Suspender Skirt
As you can tell from the title I mostly ordered black/white clothes XD The first thing was this skirt, I saw a lot of suspenders items in my 2009 EGGs so I wanted to try! It's size S and it fits fine, but it's soooo short XD (and that's one of the reasons I like it LMAO)

6. Lip Service Top Set
Looks like just one top, right? But it's a set!
I think it's really cute and versatile :D Also polkadots remind me a lot of Okarie so yes pls!

7. Gilfy Minidress
Bought this to match the next top!
Again, suspenders! I just like them

8. Lip Service Top
I saw Chie wearing something like this :D I love the bell sleeves~
9. Cecil McBee Dalmatian Scarf&Dress
Basically bought this cuz Georgie wore something like this and she was so cute and I'm a fangirl, sorry www

10. Liz Lisa White Skirt
I bought this cuz the description said it was a sukapan but it's not  
My quest for a white sukapan still goes on...
Luckily it's still really cute (polkadots) and it's really fluffy so I can probably still use it as volume skirt
And for the grand (?) finale XD 
OMG It's soooo pretty T____T the striped part it's silky, the upper part is cotton! I can remove the vest thingy and that tiny cross is just T_____T I'm in love


And that's it XD I hope the review was useful and sorry for the clothing spam www I'm just really happy, what can I say XD

While I'm at it I'll also show you my last code for work, I can't show you my code for today cuz I need it for the next post, you'll see XD

Dress: Bershka - Cardi: Datura - Boots: Local shop
Acce: pearl necklace & flowers earrings made by me, vintage hibi pendant, bracelets and rings from 1$store


Now I really have to go to sleep XD see you soon!

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  1. Hello!

    Thank you for the review! I use JSS too (sometimes Buyee if I got a coupon or a super discount for fees or shipping, but I always prefer JSS), and it's by far the best shopping service I have ever used! :D

    Love your gets! (I got the same Gilfy dress some time ago! <3) I can't wait to see your future coordinates with them! :3

    1. Hiiii :D I'm glad you liked my review and thanks for sharing your opinion too! I hope more gals can be helped by this service, it's the best as you said :D
      And aaaaa you have the same dress??? we should twin ;____;!! I want to see you wearing it too :D
      Thanks for reading!

  2. That sounds amazing! I will probably try JSS. Also, do you know where I can watch Girls Life with subtitles? I've been dying to watch it for YEARS T.T

    1. Hello! I'm glad if my review was useful, personally I'm loving this service!
      About the movie I just updated the post (the part about the DVD) with the link to see the movie with subtitles, enjoy it! ;)
      (I'm not posting it here cuz I'm afraid of Google thinking my comment is spam lol)
      Thanks for reading! :D


  3. So glad you found a good SS! It's so important to find a good one. I've used mine for years~ Looooooooooove all of the stuff you got! I can't wait to see it all worn! And I feel you on the magazine tear! I once got an old EGG issue that someone thought it was okay to cut out some of the pictures so there are like boxes cut out on some of the pages ;_;

    And Tsuki is 1000%! The longest you can keep unopened makeup is around 3 years. These are nice collectors items but I wouldn't be comfortable to actually use them Dx

    1. Thank you dear! Yes I'm so happy with JSS :D but now I'm curious, which one do you use? And you and Tsuki are right, I shouldn't probably open them T_T
      About the magazine, I'm sorry it happened to you too! I often see magazines cut-out as collage in fans letters on Scramble EGG column (you know, that column that the end of every EGG where fans can send their puri or codes or letters) so that's probably where your missing pictures are xD I would never do that but it seemed popular back then, probably we were lucky to get just one cut-out issue 😅
      Anyway thanks for reading as always ❤️❤️❤️

    2. I use Tenshi Shop! They're really good!
      Omg, that makes sense. I didn't even think about that! It still sucks ;_; I have to try to eventually find a replacement issue and hope I find one in one whole piece XD

  4. OMGGGGGG 300 yen for THE WHOLE ORDER?!!?!?! Damn!!! That's such an amazing price. I need to start using a diff service because mine charges 500 yen per item and it is ridiculous ;_;

    That Gilfy dress at the end is absolutely stunning!
    It's a shame that the liz lisa skirt wasn't a sukapan in the end ;_;
    And aaaah that lip service top set!!! omg!!!!

    I'm dying - you got gal's life!!!! I would love to have the DVD but... I don't understand a word of japanese lol

  5. I just might have to switch to JSS 👀 lol The ripped page broke my heart :( But that Gilfy dress is SO cute! You got a lot of great items!
    - Amiman♥