giovedì 22 aprile 2021

Update! d.i.y, co*de and some shopping


First let's say that I really shouldn't have written in my last post that "omg nice weather is here😍😍" cuz the day after it was winter AGAIN ❄️

There were like 10°, cold wind, rain and all the sky was grey AGAIN I FEEL LIKE A BLACK CAT OR SOMETHING 
On Wednesday it was slightly better but the weather became cold again today ( ̄ヘ ̄) so disappointed 

Since I couldn't really dressup like I wanted I took some time to d.i.y. accessories again! 

I finally did myself a pearl necklace like the one Chie&Chika wore a lot in 2011

This hat that I used in my previous post, I found a better pic of the one Chie wore and I customized mine like hers ^^

And those flowers earrings! I was inspired by those Liz Lisa/Co&Lu earrings I found on mercari/Fril 

If you're interested, here's a quick tutorial:
You need hot glue, 6 small fabric flowers and a couple of loop earrings
1. Glue two flowers together like in pic
2. Place a dot of glue on the flower junction and glue it on the middle on the earring
3. Glue the third flower on the glued part of the earring to cover the mess (LMAO)
4. Glue small corners of the petals together to close any hole
5. Repeat on the other earring

Anyway I did shopping again even if I shouldn't lmao but I needed some pieces to finish certain co*des soooo... Worth it

Hollister skirt

Yellow basque and polkadot hachingu that came with a free red hairband :)

Flower straw bag which reminded me of Liz Lisa straw bags... I still need to decide if I want to keep it like this or customize it with more flowers mhhh
I also bought this adorable octopus plushie! You can reverse it depending on your mood :D 
Now sure my coworkers will know how I feel without asking LMAO

While I'm at it I'll also show you my co*de for today :D

Dress: Lip Service - Cardi, belt: Datura
Shoes: LITA - Necklace: made by me - Bracelets: 1$store

Talking about food as always XD Here it's still cold but I'm trying to feel spring by eating more food with greens

Soba with shrimps, zucchini, carrots and soy sprouts
Yakisoba noodles with corn, soy sprouts and other veggies

Another recent boom cuz spring still isn't here and I'm already waiting for summer XD - Smoothies! I love them soooo much :Q____

My favorite: mango, passion fruit and apple. 
I also like it with peach or melon :P what's yours?

Now I'll go do my nails and then go to sleep before it's too late XD I have the bad habit of wasting time instead of going straight to bed wwww I'll try to hurry up and go to sleep
Have a pleasant sleep, sweet dreams!

domenica 18 aprile 2021

Weekly CO*DEs + new gets🛍️

Finally I have time to blog again XD This week we were open to public and I was alone in the office so it was quite a hard week...
Anyway I have a couple of coords I liked from this week and I wanted to show you!

Hat: Taobao customized by me - Jacket: Flea Market - Skirt: H&M
Acce: 1$ store, made by me - Boots: Local Shop

I was inspired by this co*de by Chie
Without jacket and hat it looks more agejo:

Top: Candida - Skirt: H&M - Belt, necklace: made by me
Boots: Local Shop

Dress: Gilfy - Top: stolen from my mom lol - Boots: Local Shop
Acce: Gilfy stars necklace, Hardrock cafè heart pendant, tutuha bracelets, 1$ store bracelets and rings

I was inspired by this Tsuchan co*de, cuz I have the same dress both in green and blue lol (it's a long story)
But I didn't have enough time to do curls ( ̄ヘ ̄)
I'll try it again next time with the green one

Hat: Gilfy - Shirt, shoes: H&M - Skirt: Cecil McBee
Belt: d.i.a - Acce: Gilfy, Ghost of Harlem

I really love those platform shoes!

And my makeup with blue eyeshadow

Thankfully today is such a beautiful day ;w; finally nice weather is here, yay!

Top, shorts, belt: d.i.a - Shoes: H&M
Acce: Studio ALTA necklace, arancioviola hat, 1$store ring

I was wearing my new YSL lipstick which I already LOVE!! It tastes like mango and the colour is a shiny peach, so cute ;w; the colour is "Coral Ingenious"

I also bought some clothes from Vinted again and I have a parcel in arrival from Fril (if my last order finally arrives) 

New YSL Lipstick "Coral Ingenious"

White jacket

I love this marine patch
Summer tshirts set

The polkadots one it my favorite! It reminds me of a polkadots top Okarie wore oftenalso the print is really cute

Rosebud short denim pants

I'm following my own advices LMAO
New platform shoes from H&M
I also bought some basic stuff from 1$stores which is the only kind of shop opened now XD 
Colorfuls tops, some hair rollers I want to try and a cute headband

This cool hat I already customized lol
Well that's all for today, actually those were two posts but I kept adding pics without finishing them so I merged them in one post today lmao
Anyway I wish you all a relaxing Sunday and take it easy!